Threer installation methods of magnetic lamp track.

There are currently three ways to install track magnetic lights, namely embedded, surface-ceiling, and hoisting. Different installation types can be selected according to the house structure. If the living room does not have a ceiling, you can choose surface installation; if it is installed above the dining room, you can choose a hoisting type; if there is a suspended ceiling, you can choose to embed and hide the track in the ceiling, which will look simple and beautiful, and can be used later. Place lamps with various functions on the track, such as spotlights, line lights, and chandeliers.

There are many accessories for the magnetic track system. Below the picture is the Enideng magnetic wiring diagram,We want to show the details clearly, and the various joint accessories involved. If you don’t understand, please email us to discuss.

1.Suspending magnetic track installation and use

Surface magnetic track light installation and use

Installation and use of embedded frameless magnetic track lights

Magnetic track lights are one of the most concise and fashionable lighting fixtures in commercial lighting, home lighting and other spaces. It has the characteristics of convenient installation and flexible adjustment. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of magnetic lights. Correspondingly speaking, there may not be much Follow the track.

The soul of a magnetic lamp is not a lamp, but a track. The application place of the magnetic lamp is actually determined by the track. It can save electrician layout lines, and can absorb all kinds of lamps with magnetic heads at will, bringing a different visual sense to the space.


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