Advantages of using magnetic low voltage 48V power supply rail system

Magnetic lamps are quite suitable for projects, Designers need to consider the layout in the early stage of house decoration, and install the track on the ceiling in advance.

Magnetic lamps are very popular. First of all, they are artistic, simple, and beautiful. In addition, designers can solve lighting problems with just a few lines. For users, they can also change the lighting layout at will.

Lamps and rails have a strong magnetic force, lamp body stuck into the track automatically adsorption, safe, and stable. The lamp can be easily disassembled and fixed by inserting it. The strongest adsorption force of the track is 5 times of the weight of the lamp body, some of them have a safety lock, even if the magnetic force disappears, the lamp will not fall off easily.

The magnetic lamp can be Plug-and-Bright. It can not only move the lamps freely, but also increase the lamps according to the actual needs, Moreover, it has no risk when touching directly after being electrified, so it can be called a convenient and safe lamp.

Variable modules, more flexible space lighting

The popularity of magnetic track lights is also due to its strong applicability. A magnetic track can support different types of lighting modules, so the application scenarios are more extensive.

At present, “Enideng” has four different types of lighting modules: floodlight grille light, spotlight, and suspend light, which can be freely combined and matched according to needs. This means that whether it is the accent lighting used to highlight architectural elements, the overall lighting to provide basic illumination, or the atmosphere lighting to enhance space emotions, a group of magnetic track system lamps can be used to meet the requirements.

In such a residential space, we can use a magnetic track + grille spotlight. One brightens the headboard of the bed to create a comfortable sleeping environment; one brightens the background wall, diffuse reflection reduces the light difference of the TV and protects eyesight.

In such a commercial space, we can use magnetic track + track spotlight + ceiling spotlight + floodlight. The spotlight module accurately controls the light, focuses on the product, and avoids direct light shining on the customer to cause uncomfortable glare; The floodlight module complements the lighting brightness of the space, combining the two to create a unique light and shadow atmosphere.

Led magnetic lamps can be installed not only on the ceiling but also on the wall. The beautiful appearance can create a flowing artistic effect and enhance the atmosphere. It is the best choice for designers to outline space lines.


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